Daily Science Factlet – Catch up

Apologies for my being so rubbish at posting this week. To make up for it, a short and sweet quick-fire fact for each of the days I missed:

Tuesday: Lichens are a symbiosis between a fungus and algae or a fungus and cyanobacteria. ‘Lichen’ is not a taxonomic group, but a way of living.

Wednesday: A study has shown that viagra can help hamsters overcome jetlag. It’s yet to be seen if the same would be true for humans…

Thursday: Water is in fact blue, not just drawn that way in kids’ drawings, because the water molecules absorb red light and the remaining light looks blue.

Friday: Breathing helium doesn’t actually make the pitch of your voice higher, but changes the resonant frequency of your throat and mouth, amplifying the higher frequencies coming from your vocal cords and making your voice sound squeaky.


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